About Origin Handcrafted Goods

Origin Handcrafted Goods is a small, family run business located in southern Manitoba, Canada. The company began humbly in the summer of 2010 after Marc Liss and Kayla Penelton returned from a summer in The Yukon Territory. While there, Marc had rekindled his childhood passion of wood carving, and upon their return to the prairies he felt inspired to try making a wooden ring for his lady. That one ring marked the beginning of a journey of creativity and craftsmanship that continues to this day and can now be witnessed in each and every ring and knife that Marc makes. 

Photograph by Joseph Visser

Photograph by Joseph Visser

marc liss

Origin Handcrafted Goods came from humble beginnings when, in 2010, Marc began making wooden rings in his parents backyard for fun. Since then things have come a long way, but Marc continues to be responsible for the design and manufacturing realms of Origin.

Marc has been a lifelong artist and takes immense joy in participating in the creative process. When he isn't in the workshop, he loves spending time with his dogs, playing the banjo, or just relaxing with some video games. He is happily married to his wonderful wife Kayla, who keeps him organized and energized.




Kayla Penelton

At Origin, Kayla takes care of the fun stuff behind the scenes. She keeps the books legit, manages the website, plays around with the camera, and will occasionally put her two cents into the creative design process. 

Kayla has always had a deep connection to all things nature and prefers when her work puts her outside. With degrees in Environmental Studies and City Planning, she wants to help find a way to reconnect people with nature so we can live more healthy and sustainable lives. When she's not working, you'll find her playing with her dogs, digging in the garden, or attempting to master the violin. 




Origin Handcrafted knives featured on Cityline's "Trendiest West-Coast foodie products" segment, December 7, 2016.



Photograph by Michelle Panting

Photograph by Michelle Panting

FULL follows the story as an old file rescued from a beach in Nunavut is made into a kiridashi knife.  

I like retaining the lines of a file. Other kinds of knives are made out of things like saw blades, which require hammer work. They’re beautiful too, but with hammering, you lose hints of what the knife once was.
— Marc Liss

Globe and Mail

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The art of Canadian knife making, featuring OHG, gets its moment under the spotlight.

Origin is one of a handful of Canadian companies offering custom knives that are produced in a Japanese style – generally lighter, sharper and visually more appealing than their German counterparts – but incorporating unique or salvaged Canadian materials.
— Dan Clapson

Interview with Radio Canada International

Marc talks with CBC's Lynn Desjardins about the evolution of his craft, building a worldwide audience, and more.