The Traveller Midsize

The Traveller Midsize


This is the midsize version of our kiridashi knife "The Traveller's Companion". It measures approximately 5 inches from tip to tail. 

The Traveller's Companion is our take on the traditional Japanese Kiridashi knife. In essence it is a stripped down pocket knife made out of some of the finest high carbon steel available. Its slim, rugged and extremely versatile design makes it ideal for every day carrying and use. It features a flat utilitarian cutting edge with an asymmetrical hollow grind. This keeps cutting and slicing fine and controlled, but means that this is not an ambidextrous knife. Please be sure to order either a "left" or "right" handed bevel based on your dominant hand. 

This version of The Traveller's Companion is made using old files and rasps. It's common knowledge among knife makers that files are a great source for quality high carbon steel and make for rugged and durable knives that keep a keen edge. Each blade made this way will be unique, possessing distinct teeth patterns and maybe a few nicks and scrapes from years of hard use as a file. This steel is not stainless so care is needed to keep them rust free. See our care page for more info. 

Each sheath is handcrafted from thick and durable vegetable tan leather, which can be stained to your preference. 


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Must be 18 years or older to purchase. Know your local knife laws.