Green Handled Huckleberry

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We crafted the Huckleberry knife with the goal of creating a blade that was stout and compact like our Kiridashi designs, but featuring an upswept tip rather than the flat edge of the kiridashi. This gives the cutting edge more of a belly and makes it very useful for slicing and skinning tasks. 

Blade: Polished Sawmill Steel, 5.5cm cutting edge.

Handle: Green Maple Burl with G10 liners.

Overall Length: 14.5cm

A handcrafted vegetable-tan leather sheath provides the perfect storage for this knife. The sheath is slim and flat and cut be easily tucked into a pocket or pack.

This knife is the perfect companion in the outdoors, whether its working around your yard or trips into the wilderness.

Must be 18 years or older to purchase. Know your local knife laws.

Our blades are made with high carbon steel. This steel is known for its edge retention and durability. However, unlike stainless steel these blades will naturally oxidize over time and gain a beautiful patina. 

Care must be taken to prevent corrosion or rust on the blade. Click here for information on how to care for your Origin Handcrafted knife.
Our knives are designed with everyday use in mind and come with an Everyday Structural Guarantee. If for some reason our knives fail to perform as they should, we will replace or repair them at no cost to you. Note that this guarantee does not apply if the knife has been misused or improperly cared for. 

To ensure your knife lasts as long (and longer) than you do, follow the steps outlined in our Knife Care section.

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