Resident Artist

Matthew Hepner

In this business we've had the great pleasure of getting to know so many talented artists, makers, and generally awesome people. It's an amazing and supportive community that never fails to surprise and inspire us. As Origin Handcrafted Goods evolves we want to find ways to contribute to, and strengthen this community further. This is why we are proud to support and collaborate with local talent, and provide a platform to share their creativity as resident artists.

Wolfboy Leatherworks artist, Matthew Hepner, has always enjoyed making and tracing things from a young age. He only found this useful while making a few Halloween costumes out of cardboard and creating birthday and holiday ‘pop up’ cards for friends and family. Pair this creative side with his long-time love for baseball and memories holding a glove – leather working was a perfect fit.  After encouragement from his good friend and sometimes musical collaborator, Marc Liss of Origin Handcrafted Goods, he made his first wallet and was hooked. Continuing to learn and try new things, he now designs various leatherworks including wallets, belts, coasters, bracelets, and one birthday beer cozy. Matthew lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.