Peasant – Barnwood and Antler Ring

  • ** These rings have free shipping to Canada **

    Salvaged Douglas Fir barnwood, naturally-shed deer antler, and hand-wrapped carbon fiber come together in perfect balance in The Peasant.

    We start with Douglas Fir, harvested from barns that are being demolished in Manitoba. This beautiful wood is turned by hand to reveal the sensational grain pattern and forms the lining of this ring.

    Naturally-shed deer antler is then carefully worked into a thin band and set around the Douglas Fir.

    Finally, we hand-wrap carbon fiber around the ring to provide sleek contrast and lasting durability.

    A beautiful ring that’s truly unlike any other.

    Because we use natural materials in our rings, your ring may not look exactly like the ring pictured. Every piece of material we use has its own unique colour and grain pattern, which is what makes these rings so beautiful. Your ring will also age distinctly over time.


  • This ring is available in sizes 6 – 15 (4 – 15 for some rings), in quarter size increments. Unless you request otherwise, they will be made in the following widths:

    - Sizes 6 to 8 | 7mm width
    - Sizes 8.25 to 11.75 | 8mm width
    - Sizes 12 to 15 | 9mm width

    To make sure you order the right size, we recommend you have your finger sized at a jewellery store using the standard US/Canadian sizing system before you order.

    Outside of North America? Click here for a conversion chart. If a ring becomes snug over time, or if you ordered a size that’s too small, your ring may be enlarged slightly (usually up to half a size). Steel lined rings cannot be adjusted.
    Please note that rings cannot be adjusted to be smaller.

    Contact us for prices on resizing.
  • Rings go through a lot while they’re on your finger, and we take great care to craft rings that will stand the test of time. That’s why we wrap most of our rings in carbon fiber, to lock the materials in place and provide durability.

    Our carbon fiber and wood rings can be worn for nearly any activity without too much concern.However, any ring can get scuffed up over time. We recommend taking your ring off for rough work, and activities like weight lifting.
    We also suggest that you take them off while doing dishes or in the bath, as prolonged exposure to hot soapy water can age the wood prematurely.

    Every one of our rings comes with an Everyday Structural Guarantee. This means that Origin Handcrafted rings can endure everyday wear-and-tear without cracking, separating, or breaking.

    We do not guarantee our rings against unusual abuse or accidents.
  • If a ring breaks or does not fit properly due to a manufacturing error, we offer free returns and exchanges. We cannot accept returns or exchanges on rings that are the wrong size due to an incorrect order. Please ensure that you’ve been properly measured at a jeweler.

    If you have questions about returns or exchanges, please contact us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

The Ember

The Ember

The ring is absolutely perfect and I can't wait for him to see it on our wedding day!! Thank you so much!!


The Ember

The Ember

My husband LOVES his ring! The first wedding band we bought was from some generic jewellery store and the white gold was always turning yellow so neither of us were too sad when he lost it. I always wanted him to have something unique and special and this ring is exactly that. Thank you so much

The Ember

The shipping took awhile longer than expected, but it was found at the post office. The ring itself is beautiful and my fiance is so happy with it.

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