Origin Nakiri Chef Knife

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The Nakiri knife is a Japanese design that’s specially designed for working with vegetables. With a flat cutting edge, squared body, and thin profile, the Nakiri makes short work of prepping vegetables.

We craft the knife from recycled high-carbon saw mill blades, which provide a sustainable source of phenomenally strong steel.

First step is heating the steel in our gas-fired forge and hammering it out by hand on the anvil. Once the shaping is done, we work the steel on the grinder to achieve the final shape.

The handle is made from ethically-sourced Manitoba maple and shaped by hand. We can dye and stabilize the handle with a variety of colors to suit your tastes.

Designed for anyone from professional chefs to enthusiast home cooks, this blade is a sturdy companion that will last for decades.

Handle Options:

  • Natural (Pictured)
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Purple
  • Black/Grey


Our blades are made with high carbon steel. This steel is known for its edge retention and durability. However, unlike stainless steel these blades will naturally oxidize over time and gain a beautiful patina.

Care must be taken to prevent corrosion or rust on the blade. Click here for information on how to care for your Origin Handcrafted knife.
Our knives are designed with everyday use in mind and come with an Everyday Structural Guarantee. If for some reason our knives fail to perform as they should, we will replace or repair them at no cost to you. Note that this guarantee does not apply if the knife has been misused or improperly cared for.

To ensure your knife lasts as long (and longer) than you do, follow the steps outlined in our Knife Care section.

Please note: Because each knife is handmade, each will vary slightly from the original pictured. Dimensions and weight will be similar, but not exactly the same as listed. Please see our knife info page for an up to date production time.

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