Right Handed Hammered Kiridashi

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Comes with a brass bead and a black leather sheath.

The Smith is based on a Japanese Kiridashi design, but stripped-down to make a fantastic go-anywhere pocket knife.

It measures 5” in length, with a cutting edge just over 2” long.

These knives are shaped from 1095 carbon steel, a popular knife-making choice due to its lasting toughness and exceptional edge retention.

The rough shape of the blade is cut by hand, then we take it to the grinder for shaping. As flecks of white-hot metal fly, the knife comes to life. Finally, we give the knife a hammered forge finish for that extra bit of rugged style. 

Once the body of the knife is complete, it goes to the wet-stone for a razor-sharp edge. Each blade is hardened and tempered for a balance between toughness and edge retention.

A handcrafted vegetable-stained leather sheath provides the perfect storage.

This is an outstanding every-day carry knife that’s as comfortable around the house as it is in the outdoors.

These knives have an asymmetrical grind, so they are not ambidextrous. Refer to the ordering notes below for instructions on getting a right or left-handed blade.

Must be 18 years or older to purchase. Know your local knife laws.

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