In Stock - Small Right Handed Kiridashi #2 - File Steel

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This is a right handed model. 

Based on the Japanese Kiridashi knife, this is a smaller version of The Wright. It measures approximately 4” in length, with a cutting edge just under 2” long.

We start by cutting the rough shape of The Wright out of an old steel file. These vintage files are an excellent source of high-carbon steel, which holds an excellent edge while being highly durable.

After the rough shape is complete, we’re ready to bring the blade to life.

The Wright is taken over to our grinder and worked by hand. Sparks fly, and the beautiful shape emerges. After careful shaping and grinding, each blade is finished by sharpening on a wet stone.

Despite its small size, The Wright fits comfortably in the hand and is extremely adept at cutting and slicing.

The rugged build is perfectly suited for hard work even in extreme conditions. And the compact size makes it a joy to carry, whether you’re in the backwoods or the backyard.

A handcrafted brown vegetable-tan leather sheath provides the perfect storage for this knife.

Must be 18 years or older to purchase. Know your local knife laws.

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