Stonewashed Huckleberry with Brass Bead

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We crafted the Huckleberry knife with the goal of creating a blade that was stout and compact like our Kiridashi designs, but featuring an upswept tip rather than the flat edge of the kiridashi. This gives the cutting edge more of a belly and makes it very useful for slicing and skinning tasks. 

The knife comes in at just under 6" in length with a cutting edge just under 2-1/2". It weighs only about 75 grams, with a thick butt end and a gradual taper toward the tip. 

The knife is forged from 1095 high carbon steel; some of the best blade steel around. The handle is left bare with a thick profile and chamfered edges for a comfortable three finger grip. 

A handcrafted black leather sheath provides the perfect storage for this knife. The sheath is slim and flat and cut be easily tucked into a pocket or pack.

This knife is the perfect companion in the outdoors, whether its working around your yard or trips into the wilderness.

Must be 18 years or older to purchase. Know your local knife laws.

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