The Ginny - Sawmill Steel Pack Knife

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The Ginny pack knife from Origin Goods is a slim, lightweight and durable blade with a simple look and comfortable grip. Each blade is cut from a salvaged high carbon sawmill blade and is hardened to a fine balance between durability and edge retention. The handles are given a simple hemp wrap (choose either black or white), which is then soaked in epoxy and hardened for longevity. The blade slides easily into a handcrafted leather sheath which can be carried on your belt or thrown in your pack. 

Overall the blade measures 17cm from tip to tail. The handle accounts for 10cm of that and the total weight is only around 66 grams. 

Ordering Notes:

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Each sheath is handcrafted from thick and durable vegetable tan leather, which can be stained to your preference. 

Each blade made will be unique, possessing distinct cutting patterns and maybe a few nicks and scrapes from years of use as a saw blade. We make no effort to hide the history of the steel. This steel is not stainless so care is needed to keep them rust free. See our care page for more info. 

Must be 18 years or older to purchase. Know your local knife laws.

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