Acorn Vessel

These lathe-turned resin vessels are unlike anything on the market and are perfect for storing and presenting all manner of goods.

The vessel starts with a food safe natural resin, which is poured into a mold. Once cured, the resin is turned by hand on a lathe until it has a fine polish.

Aged oak is then turned and perfectly fitted to the resin as the lid. Each piece of oak is carefully selected for its texture and character. 

These vessels are eye-catching and environmentally-friendly ways store coffee, herbs, and anything in between.


Large Vessel:

Height | 12cm

Diameter | 9.5cm

Volume | 400ml/14 oz

Medium Vessel:

Height | 9.5cm

Diameter | 7cm

Volume | 175ml/6oz

Small Vessel

Height | 9cm

Diameter | 6cm

Volume | 100ml/4oz


*Not recommended for use with hot liquids*

Production times are the same as for our rings. See ring info page for more details. 




crafted with love

Everything we make at Origin Handcrafted is created with care, attention, and (most importantly) love.

Why does love matter? Because in a mass-produced world, we believe it's important that the things you buy have love built right into them.

Our goal is for you to love what you own, and that you own it for a lifetime.

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