Bison & Whiskey Ring

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This ring features the stunning texture and tone of Manitoba bison horn, and is paired with a sliver of whiskey barrel oak. 

Both materials are supported by a carbon fiber lining, which has been built around them to provide lasting support. Carbon fiber is light weight and adds both amazing strength and triumphant durability to the ring. The unique process involved in molding the carbon fiber around the wood and horn locks the materials in place, preventing any warping or shifting due to water exposure. 

This ring is available in size 4 - 15 in quarter size increments. Unless otherwise requested this ring will be made in the following widths depending on the size ordered:

Sizes 4 to 6 - 6mm width

Sizes 6.25 to 8 - 7mm width

Sizes 8.25 to 11.75 - 8mm width

Sizes 12 to 15 - 9mm width

Please ensure you have been properly sized before placing your order. Also, note that your ring will differ slightly from the one pictured, as each piece of material is unique. If you have any requests regarding modifications to your ring, please contact us

For further information on sizing, policies, and current production times check our Ring Info page.

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