About Our Rings

Production Time

Current production time for rings is 4-5 weeks, plus shipping time. Our Priority Manufacturing upgrade speeds things up and gets a ring made in 21 days or less. You can find that upgrade here.


To ensure you receive the correct size, we recommend you obtain a proper finger sizing at a jewellery store using the standard US/CDN sizing system before placing your order. If ordering from outside North America, visit here for a conversion chart.


If a ring becomes snug over time, or you ordered a size that is too small, it may be enlarged slightly (usually up to half a size). Unfortunately, if a ring is too large, it can not be adjusted to be smaller. Please contact us for prices on resizing.


Please note that your ring will not look exactly the same as the ring pictured. We can only guarantee that the ring will be made using the same material as the ring you ordered, however each piece of material has a unique colour and grain pattern. The ring will also age distinctly over time as it is exposed to the natural oils on your hands, lotion, water, etc.

Our Process

Carbon Fiber

● Carbon fiber is renowned for its light weight and high strength and durability, and is used in a variety of industries including aerospace and auto-body. As it turns out, it’s also great for making rings. Our rings are made using carbon fiber tow (picture a spool of thread, except the thread is composed of 24,000 extremely thin strands of carbon). The carbon tow is coated with epoxy resin and wrapped around a cylindrical mould.

● Once the resin dries, the carbon is broken free of the mould, resembling something like a ring. Then its a matter of shaping the carbon further and cleaning up the rough edges. In this state carbon fiber is up to five times stronger than steel in terms of compression resistance, is totally waterproof, and will last a lifetime.

● Carbon fiber is also hypoallergenic, perfect for anyone who may have an allergy to metals used in traditional rings. 

● Wood or antler can also be added to the exterior to hold it in place with the application of more carbon fiber. 

Wood & Antler

● Wood and antler were the materials that started it all for us at Origin Handcrafted Goods. We take pleasure in striving to express the natural and distinct beauty of every separate piece of wood or cutting of antler.

● Each piece is treated with resin using a vacuum-infusing system, which greatly increases the strength and water resistance of the porous material. Then an old Beaver/Rockwell wood lathe is used to turn and shape the ring.

● All rings that are made strictly of wood and antler are finished with several coats of cyanoacrylate a.k.a. superglue, which creates a water resistant barrier and makes the wood grain pop. However, if the wood or antler is paired with carbon fiber a more subtle oil finish is applied, leaving the wood with more a natural feel.


A problem facing all ring makers is one of durability, and when using natural materials this is even more true. Obviously hands gets wet, but when wood is exposed to water and then dries it has a tendency to want to warp, which can weaken the ring. Enter carbon fiber. The unique process involved in molding the carbon fiber around the wood or antler locks the materials in place, preventing any warping or shifting due to water exposure. This means that Origin Handcrafted’s carbon fiber and wood rings can be worn for just about any activity without much worry. 

That being said, our rings can get scuffed up over time. To avoid major scratches you may want to take your ring off for rough work and activities like weight lifting. Also, we advise you take them off while doing dishes, or in the bath, as the prolonged exposure to hot, soapy water may cause warping. 


If at any point you would like to get your ring polished up and looking new again, it can be sent back for a touch up at minimal cost. Please contact us for pricing.


Our rings comes with what we call an everyday structural guarantee, meaning Origin Handcrafted rings can endure everyday wear and tear without cracking, separating or breaking. However, we do not guarantee our rings against unusual abuses or accidents i.e. slamming your hand in a car door (ouch, we hope not). 

Returns & Exchanges

We offer free returns and exchanges if a ring breaks or does not fit properly due to a manufacturing error. Exchanges or returns will not be honoured if the ring was made to the order’s specification, so please ensure you have ordered the correct size (see above).

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