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Production Time

Production Times

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Origin blades are handcrafted using high carbon steel. This family of steels is known for their edge retention and durability. Unlike stainless steel, these blades will naturally oxidize over time, and age with a beautiful patina. Special care needs to be taken in order to prevent corrosion or rust on the blade.

Most of our knife handles feature a variety of woods from around the world, but they also incorporate metals, like brass, or composite materials such as micarta. We also incorporate deer or moose antler in many of our pieces. Wood has always been the main focus for us though. We love the endless variety of beautiful forms that nature provides.

How to Take Care of Your Knives

Each Origin Handcrafted knife is made with great care, and with the same treatment at home they can develop their own unique character over time, and last for decades.

Clean Your Knife Often and Thoroughly

● Clean the blade off with plain water, and dry well after each use. 

● Periodically wipe the blade off during use, especially if you are cutting anything that’s acidic. If left on the blade for too long, acidic juice will oxidize the steel and leave permanent dark spots.

● Clean and dry the handle as often as the blade. Although some handles are water resistant, keeping them clean and dry will help them last longer.

Keep Your Knife Dry

● Don’t leave your knife in the sink, or submerged in dishwater. This can cause the knife to dull quickly, and it will lead to rust.

● Don’t put your knife in the dishwasher. This will compromise the integrity of the steel and handle.

Store Your Knife Carefully

● The absolute best place to store your knife is on a magnetic rack.

● Do not store your knife loose in a drawer with other utensils. This is one of the fastest ways to dull a good knife.

● Apply mineral oil to the blade with a soft cloth to prevent corrosion if you are storing it for long periods. 

Keep Your Knife Sharp

● Your knife will arrive razor sharp. The best way to maintain its edge is by regularly honing the blade using a leather strop, or a honing rod, on a weekly basis. 

● When your knife needs to be sharpened, an oil or water sharpening stone will do the trick, but these methods do take practice. We offer a free lifetime sharpening service on any of our knives up to two times annually. You just pay the shipping. 


Our artisan knives are designed with extensive, everyday use in mind, and come with an everyday structural guarantee. If for some reason our knives fail to perform as they should, we will replace or repair them at no cost to you. Please note, this service is not offered if a knife is being misused or neglected. To ensure your knife lasts as long as you do, please follow the steps for proper care, noted above.

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