Chronicler - Forged Carbon and Wood Ring

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Introducing the exceptional Chronicler ring, a true embodiment of craftsmanship and sophistication. This unique piece seamlessly blends the strength of modern materials with the timeless allure of aged oak, creating a ring that's not just an accessory but a statement of character.

The exterior of this ring is a testament to contemporary craftsmanship, featuring a forged carbon and silver matrix. Forged carbon, known for its resilience and lightweight nature, forms the base, providing the ring with an enduring strength that matches the spirit of its wearer. The silver matrix adds a touch of refined elegance, woven into the carbon in a meticulous pattern, radiating a sleek, contemporary charm.

But it's what's inside that truly sets this ring apart. The interior is lined with genuine Whiskey Barrel Oak, sourced from barrels that once aged the finest spirits. This aged oak not only lends the ring a warm, earthy feel but also tells a story of time and tradition. The rich, dark wood bears the marks and character from its previous life, making each ring as unique as the whiskey it once cradled.

Whether you're a whiskey connoisseur or simply appreciate the fusion of strength and heritage, this ring is designed for those who seek both modernity and tradition. The comfort fit ensures that it feels as good as it looks, making it a versatile companion for any occasion.

Experience the marriage of innovation, craftsmanship, and history with our Forged Carbon and Silver Matrix Ring with a Whiskey Barrel Oak Interior. Embrace the spirit of adventure and tradition in every step you take with this extraordinary piece

contrast against the dark backdrop of carbon, while matching the colour of the oaken interior.


This ring is available in sizes 6 – 15 (4 – 15 for some rings), in quarter size increments. Unless you request otherwise, they will be made in the following widths:

- Sizes 4 to 8 | 7mm width
- Sizes 8.25 to 11.75 | 8mm width
- Sizes 12 to 15 | 9mm width

To make sure you order the right size, we recommend you have your finger sized at a jewellery store using the standard US/Canadian sizing system before you order.

Outside of North America? Click here for a conversion chart. If a ring becomes snug over time, or if you ordered a size that’s too small, your ring may be enlarged slightly (usually up to half a size). Steel lined rings cannot be adjusted.

Please note that rings cannot be adjusted to be smaller.

Contact us for prices on resizing.


Rings go through a lot while they’re on your finger, and we take great care to craft rings that will stand the test of time. That’s why we wrap most of our rings in carbon fiber, to lock the materials in place and provide durability.

Our carbon fiber and wood rings can be worn for nearly any activity without too much concern. However, any ring can get scuffed up over time. We recommend taking your ring off for rough work, and activities like weight lifting.

We also suggest that you take them off while doing dishes or in the bath, as prolonged exposure to hot soapy water can age the wood prematurely.


Every one of our rings comes with an Everyday Structural Guarantee. This means that Origin Handcrafted rings can endure everyday wear-and-tear without cracking, separating, or breaking.

We do not guarantee our rings against unusual abuse or accidents.

For more info about our ring, click here.

Returns & Exchanges

If a ring breaks or does not fit properly due to a manufacturing error, we offer free returns and exchanges. We cannot accept returns or exchanges on rings that are the wrong size due to an incorrect order. Please ensure that you’ve been properly measured at a jeweler.

If you have questions about returns or exchanges, please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure the quality of your product?

We will use responsible, sustainable materials whenever possible. We will build everything to last a lifetime. You will find joy in the goods you buy. We will stand by what we create. We test everything before we send it to you.

How long will it take my product to arrive?

Current production time for rings is 6 - 8 weeks, plus shipping time. Our Priority Manufacturing upgrade speeds things up and gets a ring made in 21 days or less. Please contact us for details. 

How can I contact you?

You can contact us:

Phone number: (204) 467-9023
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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 334, Balmoral, MB R0C 0H0

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5154 85N, Balmoral, MB R0C 0H0

How to ensure I will receive the correct size?

We recommend you obtain a proper finger sizing at a jewellery store using the standard US/CDN sizing system before placing your order. If ordering from outside North America, visit here for a conversion chart.

How can we return or exchange the ring?

We offer free returns and exchanges if a ring breaks or does not fit properly due to a manufacturing error. Exchanges or returns will not be honoured if the ring was made to the order’s specification, so please ensure you have ordered the correct size.

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